Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

At Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC), the safety and security of our students is our number one priority. Our staff receive training to ensure they are prepared to help in the unlikely event of an emergency or other incident.

Annual safety report

Beginning in October 2020, every year on or before October 1, the Title IX Coordinator of GCNYC will release a report on the safety of the campus over the past three years. The report will include details on the initiatives GCNYC has introduced to provide security on our campus, the schedules and results of our regular fire safety inspections, and all of our crime and safety-related policies and practices.

Emergency preparedness

In the event of a campus-wide emergency, GCNYC will notify students, faculty, and staff in a timely manner via intercom, text, phone, and email.

Please find further information on our emergency action plan in the Student Catalog.

Learn more about emergency preparedness in New York City.

Incident reporting

Any member of the GCNYC staff can help you; To formally report a crime, you may contact the Director of Operations / Title IX Coordinator at ext. 5357 or NYPD. Incidents occurring during class time should be reported to the Security Officer at the building entrance.

GCNYC understands that the decision to report a crime is an individual choice. While legally required to report crimes that occur and warn others of any risks, GCNYC is committed to confidentiality and privacy in the reporting process and will not publicly share any information that would identify the victim of a crime.

GCNYC also offers support and assistance services, regardless of whether a victim of a crime chooses to notify law enforcement.

Prohibited items

GCNYC complies with federal and state law in handling reports of violations, including drug laws. Our campus is smoke-free.

Weapons are not allowed on the GCNYC campus, except when possessed by a recognized law enforcement official. Any other weapons, including simulated weapons, will be considered a threat to campus safety and will be reported to NYPD.