Mission, Vision and Goals


GCNYC’s Common Good mission is to work with others in order to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through problem solving and systems thinking, particularly in relation to profitability and sustainability.

As an educational institution, GCNYC will be highly collaborative with other institutions, key stakeholders in the private sector, and NGOs to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The curriculum will focus on problem solving with an emphasis on systems thinking and human centered design.


By 2025, GCNYC will be a premier, unique institution serving the Common Good through education and research on social benefit, profitability, and sustainability.


GCNYC is an independent, not-for-profit higher educational institution committed to the Common Good chartered in New York State, based in New York City, offering business-related, post-graduate programs grounded in sustainability.


As in institution of higher education committed to the Common Good, GCNYC pursues the following teaching, research and service goals.

  • Teaching and Learning Goals:
    • Transforming lives, communities and businesses through education and research.
    • Creating a real time learning community of participation and integrity.
    • Equipping students to serve the Common Good.
  • Research Goals: Research at GCNYC will focus on development of real-world solutions to challenges Nced by its stakeholders and community by developing knowledge with immediate application intended to contribute to systemic change, generate results, and establish principles and practices that can be enhanced through collaboration.
  • Service goals: GCNYC will draw upon its resources to:
    • Apply knowledge as a tool to serve community and environment to drive purpose and Common Good.
    • Support economic drivers and business by facilitating the incorporation of responsible practice.