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Academics at GCNYC

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Glasgow Caledonian New York College is dedicated to inciting systemic change across industries through sustainable fashion, socially responsible profitability and holistic risk management. With our campus located in the heart of Manhattan, we capitalize on the added resources of New York City, an international center of fashion, business and entrepreneurship. 

GCNYC was founded by Scotland’s Glasgow Caledonian University, combining its long-standing academic excellence with our global innovation in sustainability. Both academic institutions share a deep commitment to furthering the Common Good through applied research that seeks business solutions that are sustainable and profitable for all stakeholders.

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Master of Science Degrees

The three Master of Science (MS) degrees offered at GCNYC are Business for Social Impact and Sustainability, Sustainable Fashion, and Risk, Resilience and Integrity Management. Offered in-person or online, these degrees all share sustainability as a core focus. One benefit of a Master of Science degree is that students can participate in a deeper exploration of aspects of their current or future industry. A business-related MS degree at GCNYC focuses on practical applications of applied research compared to other business degrees focused on theory and management.

Designed for working professionals, our master’s degree programs are exclusively offered in the evenings or online. Our passionate students immerse themselves in considering the practical implications of social impact alongside business profitability, risk management and fashion. Coursework frequently draws upon real-life examples including faculty industry experiences, guest speakers and case studies.

Students at GCNYC write a master’s thesis guided by expert faculty. This applied research process allows students to prove their mastery to future employers or launch new careers in the sustainability and corporate social responsibility fields. 

Students build critical thinking and leadership skills that can be immediately applied to their current careers or fuel their career change. Our sustainability-related degrees are designed to be pragmatically innovative to create systemic change and further the Common Good.


Sustainable Fashion


Risk, Resilience and Integrity Management


Business for Social Impact and Sustainability

Online or In-person Master’s Degrees

All GCNYC courses are offered in the evenings and can be taken either at our SoHo Manhattan location in-person or online, depending on your needs as a working professional. Students taking three classes weekly can complete their Master of Science degrees in as little as one year, while students with a part-time schedule can finish the program in 16 months. 

In-person courses take place between 6:00pm and 9:30pm during weekdays (Monday through Thursday). These synchronous, interactive courses allow students to be physically present on-campus to engage with peers and faculty and access other on-campus resources.

Online offerings are designed by the same renowned faculty members who create our robust and interactive in-person programs, making it possible for students (in most U.S. states) to pursue their academic aspirations regardless of location. Master of Science degree students meet virtually for live sessions (once or twice a week depending on the number of courses taken per trimester), accompanied by asynchronous work outside the virtual classroom.

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At Glasgow Caledonian New York College, our forward-thinking Master of Science degrees center on sustainability and social impact at their core through applied industry research. Foster your leadership potential and contribute to the Common Good with a degree from GCNYC. Request information to learn more about our academic offerings or apply now!